"Ingénieur" Master's Degree

"Ingénieur" managers for tomorrow's world

  • Possessing in-depth knowledge of the agricultural, rural and food processing worlds,
  • Equipped with sound scientific and agronomic culture,
  • Having acquired knowledge of the complexity of living systems,
  • Trained in economics, management sciences and social sciences,
  • Moulded by robust human development,
  • With a sense of commitment,

The PURPAN "Ingénieur" guides projects and companies in a range of multicultural economic contexts.

        Skills in various thematic fields: 

1. Agricultures, industries and markets
2. Territories, country planning and sustainable development
3. Environment and natural resource management
4. Food processing, food and industrial management
5. Marketing and business for agricultural supplies and agribusiness
6. Agro-economy, administration and management


Become a stakeholder in your engineer training

  • Gradually develop your professionalism 
  • Master the complexity to become an agent of change

The engineering course is divided into two parts

The course is organised in accordance with the European model: Bachelor's degree + Master's degree.

  • The Bachelor of Science degree is awarded at the end of the 3rd year
  • The "Ingénieur" degree at the end of the 5th year awards a Master's level qualification.
Bachelor Cycle

3 years of general training where the student acquires:

  • a mastery of engineering sciences in order to develop analysis and conceptualisation capacities,
  • knowledge of biology to understand the techniques for producing and processing agricultural products,
  • the technical and economic knowledge required to run a farm,
  • general culture about the professional environment in rural, agricultural and agribusiness settings.

Farms at the heart of teaching during the Bachelor cycle:

  • a farm represents a virtually perfect model of a business on a human scale, with all of the professional dimensions: technical, economic, social, legal, human etc.
  • the student can use his/her skills, moving progressively from observation to analysis, from understanding to diagnosis and finally to the decision-making phase.

Mastering communication:

  • mastery of written and oral expression in French,
  • acquiring the ability to express oneself in two foreign languages.

Discovering oneself and others:

  • through work placements in France and abroad within the context of the end-of-year internships.
"Ingénieur" Cycle

2 years to acquire the skills of an "Ingénieur"/manager

  • The ability to carry out contextual analysis of the agricultural world: knowledge of territories, industries, stakeholders and markets, analysis of the economic and environmental challenges
  • The ability to use the tools of an engineer: project management, modelling, simulation, production management, methodology in social sciences
  • The ability to run a company: marketing, commercial organisation, administration, finances, management, law, human resource management
  • The ability to effect change: systemic analysis, innovation, corporate responsibility, sustainable development

"Ingénieur" Cycle – A personalised programme

Each student develops his/her own expertise from: 

a list of options in fourth year, an end-of-study internship, choice of a specific area of study in fifth year.