Specific resources

PURPAN has a permanent range of resources devoted to research in line with its strategy, based on scientific excellence and targeted, partner-oriented research

These resources are deployed in the work conducted by the research teams and are also accessible within the context of the services provided to professional environments.

  • Experimental agronomic station
    Fields fitted with instruments (monitoring inputs), specific equipment (for working with soil, seedbeds, processing, yields).
  • Agro-physiology station
    Micro-plots, greenhouse, growing rooms, phytotrons.
  • Animal experimentation (nutrition, metabolism)
    Dairy cows, poultry (laying hens, broilers).
  • Biodiversity measures and heritage values
    Capture of entomological indicators, floral diversity.
  • Physico-chemical analysis laboratories
    Chromatographic and spectroscopic techniques, elemental analysis.
  • Molecular biology laboratory
    PCR, RTq PCR, electrophoresis.
  • Agri-food hall
    Milk, dairy products, microbiology.
  • Remote sensing and territorial analysis
    Image processing, geographical information systems (GIS), stakeholder analysis.
  • Information center